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Solidarity Tour to Paraguay (May 2014)

Daily life at Chalice's Sponsor Sites in Paraguay, as seen through the lenses of our Canadian Volunteers.

Bucket Shower

In our second clinic site our team was divided into Women's Clinic and Children's Clinic.  The children's team were working out of the local school, a 25 minute hike away.  Twice a day the team would make the hike through the forest and foothills - a beautiful walk, but not for the faint of heart.

The region we worked out of is named Mkongo and had no running water or electricity.  We all have a new appreciation of how hard it is to live without what we take for granted at home.  I can say we've all gotten much better at the art of The Bucket Shower!

The stars are beautiful when there is no light pollution.

Mission Mkongo is over and a complete success. We have spent 3 busy daysat the local school and dispensary providing medical assessments and services to over 1400 children and patients.The community welcomed us with open arms and made our stay a most fulfilling experience.
Mkongo islocated in the hill areas west of the city of Songea.It’s a beautiful location but very remote.There is no running water or electricity so it was a big adjustment for the team.Despite the challenges, we ate well, we showered in creative ways and got the job done.
We have had some minor setbacks with cramps, and upset tummies but those affected are on the mend and we are a happy crew again.
TanCan 2014 clinic is in motion.It's been an long and eventful journey of three days. 

Most of our Canadian team meet in Washington DC, on route to Tanzania with a brief stop over in Ethiopia.  A few hours of sleep and then a 15 hour bus ride across country to Songea, quick supper and shower  if you have the lucky rooms with showers that are working. We all arrived at our first clinic site in Songea on Wednesday.  Blessed to have this experience. 

The World at Airports – My Journey Begins