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Buses, Gift Catalogue...& Tamil Music

2nd Update from Ron, volunteer at Madurai Sponsor Site (India) **************************************************** Just FYI, here everyone works 6 days a week. Sunday is off. So my second week started off with a visit to a big dam on the Vaigai River on January 25th.  Nesprus, Chalice Accountant, offered to take me to this site and I was told it would take 45 minutes to get there. Great! So off we go catching the bus at about 10.00 in front of the hospital. We then change buses twice and 2 and half hours later we are at the Dam. So, I reminded Nesprus about the 45 minutes and then he tells me that every time he went to this Dam, he traveled by 2 wheelers (motor cycle or scooter). It had been a long time (at least 40 years) since I traveled on an over-crowded (Asian standard) bus. Totally cramped up, standing all the way, holding on with both hands and swinging. Children crying; women swearing at the men, body odor that I can't start to describe. Felt sorry for the short p

Ron says "Hello" from Batlagundu, India

From time to time Chalice is blessed to work with volunteers who travel (solo) to our Sponsor Sites to serve alongside our Partners. Ron is one such volunteer.  Our Madurai Sponsor Site is blessed to have Ron assisting with administration at the Site Office for 3 months.  Here are some of his reflections, as shared on January 27, 2015: Hi All, It has a been a week since I arrived in Batlagundu and so I feel I should tell you how I am doing. It was Republic Day in India yesterday, so the office was closed and I could not get to a computer. Physically, I am doing well; albeit very careful about what I eat or drink. Have to very tactfully decline offers of some foods and drinks. I have no problems with the food in the convent or the company during meals. The food is simple but taste good; three meals a day. I am always conscious about quantity much to the dismay of the sisters. I suppose they are accustomed to seeing men eat large quantities. They all drink bottled water and