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As I have done to you, so you are to do – Monday Oct 14, 2019

We are back at the Neema Orphanage!   No school today – it’s a holiday there also, celebrating the first President, Julius Nyerere.   It is a terrific party with the girls from the orphanage, the Chalice sponsored children and seniors, and parents.   Traditional dancing, singing, and even a drama play.   The girls prepare some dance routines with Indian music because the Sisters are from India.   It is interesting that the girls add African rhythm to music from India.   The drama theme is about parents who want to marry their young children, but the children refuse.   They prefer education.   The young girl wants to become a religious like Sister Mary Grace.   On the way to their house, the parents are arrested by the police. There were speeches by the children which were touching, and highlighted how students with different abilities are supported to succeed.   Then the procession of gifts!   Pigeons, rabbits, baskets that seniors had made from bamboo – large ones and small on

Together is a beautiful place to be - Sunday Oct 13, Part 2

Catching Up! On our mission to Tanzania we were reminded that many things we take for granted in Canada are not so readily available elsewhere. From hot showers to easily accessible wifi, we mostly had to do without during our stay on mission. As a result of intermittent wifi, we were unable to post our blog on a regular basis. But, we still have stories to share with you! So here is a collection of stories over several days of our blessed adventure. This Sunday morning is, sadly, a morning of goodbyes. We are leaving the Sisters of Visitation site in Mkongo to head to our final mission destination in Songea.  But first we gather together to celebrate mass with the community. What a beautiful mass it is!  I feel as if I have been transported to heaven as I close my eyes and sway to the angelic voices of the choir. Later, I am so touched to see families, who have difficulty to make ends meet, line up with offerings of all kinds....from food, animals and crafted items.

Quilting - Sunday Oct 13, 2019

Tailoring is a skill the girls at the Neema orphanage learn as part of their living skills so we were pleasantly surprised when the three girls that were chosen to learn quilting had previous experience threading needles and making knots! Their patience and eagerness to learn and produce a finished piece was wonderful to witness and truly inspiring. Emma, a strong willed and quick worker, smiled continuously as she rushed to complete her piece, eagerly choosing fabrics and design. Emma is the sponsored child of Karen, who was unable to come on the mission at the last minute so we made sure to take lots of pictures of Emma’s efforts and smiles! When I asked her if she’d like to quilt a heart in one of her squares, she looked puzzled. I drew a heart on the table with my finger and recognition dawned on her face. “Ahh, I love you!” She said. I smiled and replied, “Yes, I love you. Would you like to put one on your quilt?” She grabbed her needle and said, “Yes! I want to put I love you