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Puppies keep the children warm

Ron is volunteering for three months at Chalice's Assam Sponsor Site, located in Guwahati, India. This is his second update about his experiences thus far: February 9, 2017 Hi All, Hope you and your families are all well. I am very busy helping this Chalice site with some of their office work and also St. Betsy with the bigger program, know as the Women Development Centre. I do find time to go for my walks along the river and up the big hill that this convent is built on.  It is quite a high hill and the convent is located at the lower quarter. A picture of the convent taken from the opposite hill where the Don Bosco Institute (DBI) is located. The Don Bosco Institute (DBI) was started by Fr. Thomas about 15 years ago and today it is one of the major teaching institutions of Guwahati. It was initially started as a school for poor boys living in villages outside of big towns who did not have easy access to schools. Today it does not only teach the trades but also provi

A Very Dynamic No-Nonsense Woman

Ron is volunteering for three months at Chalice's Assam Sponsor Site, located in Guwahati, India.  Having arrived on January 17, he shares with his friends and family (and us!) a few words about his experience thus far: January 23, 2016 Hi All, Hope you are all well. I am well and getting acquainted with the set-up here; doing as much as I can. Chalice is one of a few outreach programs that are run by the Holy Cross Sisters in this convent. Their biggest one is the Women's Development Centre (WDC) programs that are provided in 9 WDC sites in Assam and a neighboring state. WDC is headed by Sr. Betsy, a very dynamic no-nonsense woman. There are about 12 thousand women enrolled in their various programs - Empowering of women; Skills Training; Legal Assistance; Domestic Family Issues; Domestic Small Businesses; to name a few. Chalice has a site in this convent and another sub-site at MER which is about  50 km away where they concentrate on helping children with disabiliti