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Join Chalice in Tanzania

Hello Friends! We are happy to share with you details for Chalice’s upcoming Mission to Tanzania ! Our mission dates are October 2-22 and we will be visiting our Mbinga and Neema Sponsor Sites in the communities of Morogoro , Mkongo and Mjimwema . (We will also visit Ruaha National Park for safari at the close of our mission!) Our partners, the Vincentian Fathers from India and the Sisters of Visitation Congregation of Alleppey of India, have been engaged in these communities with Chalice since 1998 and 2008, respectively.  Together, we are currently impacting the lives of 1,870 children and 27 elders through Chalice’s Family Funding model, complemented by Capital Projects and Human Development Programs.  Our goal is educated children in healthy families and self-sustaining communities .  Come and see it all firsthand! We are primarily recruiting volunteers who have a heart for service (you do not need to have a specific skill set to apply).  We are lo