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First Days in Mombasa, Kenya

Cecilia is a volunteering through our Chalice Overseas Volunteer Experience (COVE) program. She is learning from and working alongside our partners at our Mombasa Sponsor Site, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity (OLC). The OLC order was started right in Mombasa itself. The site is situated on the outskirts of this coastal city, where the city’s poorest live. Many have migrated from rural areas seeking work at the port, oil refinery, large scale factories, and heavy industries. Poverty and disease are extensive and people live in very crowded quarters. The OLC Sisters strive to assist families and their slogan, “Give portions unto whom nothing is prepared,” is lived every day.   You can read more about Chalice’s work in Mombasa here: . It was slow and steady work (or ‘ploeploe’ as the locals would say) getting here to Africa. After months of communication trying to get Visas, Permits, and arrangements all in order, Wednesday July 18 I was finally given the