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Coming Home

So…I have been asked to do the final blog post for our Guatemala Solidarity Tour.   I’m not a very good writer but, writing from the heart and by the Grace of God I’ll give it a shot. Not only was this my first mission trip, but it was my first time outside North America.   Why you ask?   Because I was afraid.   Of what? Everything.    I heard so many horror stories about people missing flights and luggage being lost, etc.   I soon realized even if those things DID happen it didn’t matter; everything would work out in the end.   Even the language barrier didn’t seem to slow us down!   The warm welcome we received from everyone we met was amazing, it was like we’d known each other forever and were just coming back after a long time away.   The love, care, concern and support that we all showed one another no matter what the situation just blew me away.   It felt like family.   I have worked for Chalice since 2009 and I thought it was about time I saw firsthand what Chali