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Join our Paraguay Mission - March 2019

Mission Dates: March 2-16 , 2019 Location: Villeta , Paraguay Chalice Sponsor Site: C enter of Maria Auxiliadora Villeta (CMAVIL) Sponsor Children: If your sponsor child's code begins with VIL , we will be visiting their site! Sor Maria Graciela Fernandez (Site Director) has invited Chalice volunteers and staff to engage with the following groups within the community of Villeta: - Team Onondivemi (site staff) - Family Circles (sponsorship beneficiaries) - Children at the Centro Abierto (Open Center) - Indigenous community. We are primarily recruiting volunteers who have a heart for service . We are also recruiting volunteers who have experience in: information technology, finance and savings, wood and leather handicrafts, public health, family/child psychology and counselling, social work, teaching mathematics, painting and artistic skills, and coordinating events for children. To learn more about CMAVIL Site and the mission, click here .