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Saturday Awareness Day with Youth

This morning we travelled by bus for about 1/2 hour to the Chalice Ogwedi-Rafiki Sponsor Site, located in Asembo.  The plan here was to present, in separate groups, sex and hygiene education to approximately 100 boys and 100 girls.   Following the education the boys were given a personal hygiene kit containing a pair of underwear, a facecloth, a Canadian flag and a pencil.*   After their training, the girls each received a Days for Girls reusable menstrual kit.   The reaction from both the boys and the girls was of sincere gratitude, with lots of smiles and giggles!  While the groups attended their appropriate session, the remaining team members entertained the others with relay and other running games.   All the children and young adults - especially the boys (even our Site Director, Jastus) - thoroughly enjoyed the games. The small children received hand-washing lessons with the aid of glitter to demonstrate how easily germs are passed on from one person to ano

The incredible exprience continues

I'm sitting here and really struggling to put into words all of what we have shared and experienced in the past few days. The women received training about marketing and finance from our three Enactus team members. They also received training in order to make liners requiring surging, TNT liners that are done without surgers, and the decorative bags. They have soared with all of this information and are so smart! There was a morning session of health education to ensure we can equip the with basic knowledge to empower them in other ways. Yesterday afternoon the women and the team went to a local market and community health centre in order to get out there and sell their product or at least create awareness. They made a few sales, but more importantly, they created interest and awareness and potential for future partnerships. That's the place to begin! We have been so enjoying the warm up games, meals, and formal workshop times with these women - we have definitely bonded even

For the Girls! Day 1 of programming at Rafiki Trust

Hello world! Our team finally has internet access via a USB drive and so can begin with our first long awaited update from the field here near Asembo, Kenya! Yesterday (Tuesday, February 16) was our first day meeting with the women who are attending our education sessions - what an incredible experience! We began with a fun icebreaker where we were all to choose a feeling word off of the table and explain why we were feeling that way that morning. From both the Canadians and Kenyans, there was an overwhelming sense of inspiration, hopefulness, safety, and eagerness. We were definitely both excited to learn from one another.  We then split the women up into two groups so one half could receive the Days for Girls shield sewing workshop and the other half would attend an introductory business/entrepreneurship workshop with our three representatives from Enactus St. Mary's University. They would switch after we enjoyed lunch together.    The women wer