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How to Pack for an Adventure

Packing 6-months’ worth of life into one suitcase (without severely compromising the integrity of the zippers) can be a challenging endeavour. Through my past experiences traveling and living abroad, I have tried in earnest to perfect the packing process, with the hopes of packing more and more frugally each time. I have learned that being conscious of what I bring with me to a place is not only important for the physical items but also the spiritual, mental and emotional. And so I present to you a few of the essential items that I brought with me this time (although it is an ongoing process). Things I have learned to pack: Extra space in the suitcase – for those physical items and souvenirs that I inevitably want to bring back and share with my loved ones, but more importantly, for the intangible things that I pick up along the journey. The life lessons and the challenging moments in which I learned something essential about myself. The random pockets of space end