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Flashback - Medical Mission to Haiti November 2018

Originally shared on the Diocese of Charlottetown PE website .  Chalice, a Catholic international aid charity focused on child, family, and community development organized a medical mission to two sites in Northeast Haiti – Grand-Bassin and Terrier-Rouge. Chalice has long been active in this area with over 1600 children sponsored in these towns.   (Chalice is active as well in the south of Haiti, and in fourteen other countries in the developing world.) Chalice has a close working relationship with the medical clinic, the local church and schools. Two Island physicians were pleased to be part of a 12-person medical team which left Canada on the 16th of November and returned on the 29th of the month. In addition, this pan-Canadian team included one other physician, a physiotherapist, a teacher, a chiropractor, a priest, two nurses, a photographer, and two logisticians. We worked closely with Chalice Haiti staff, local physicians, nurses, priests, translators, drivers and tw