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Our Mission Impacts families in Abetenim, Ghana!

It's amazing to see how a "drop in the bucket" can ripple out --- especially when the drop is actually a huge SPLASH . Our "For the Girls!" Mission to Kenya was a huge success!  The coverage on CBC Radio has now spread the impact of the mission to families in Abetenim, Ghana... what a blessing!  (Read more here: .) I am always amazed to see what can come from one person's "Yes".  On this mission, the "Yes" was resounding from 11 Canadian volunteers.  The women were linked by their involvement with Chalice , Days for Girls , and/or Enactus St. Mary's University .  I joined them as their mission coordinator, and was inspired by them each and every day.  And we were all blown away by the women and men we were blessed to work with each day - those who participated in our training, as well as those who work day in, day out in the surrounding communiti