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Throughts from Home...

It’s awfully difficult to believe it has now been just over a month since we’ve returned to Canada from Haiti. The week was so vibrant and visceral that returning to our respective, chilly, grey homes made the whole trip seem like a colorful dream. But although we’re back to our jobs, families and commitments, the spirit of the trip has been burning on. We gathered for a virtual meeting to discuss how we were all feeling after we’d had time to settle. Many of us think about an aspect of the trip every day. Some reflect on our solidarity hike up to Plingue, and the hope that Chalice has brought to that community. Some of us are catching ourselves noticing the conveniences we have in our lives, in our homes, and how our children get to school. Coming up to the holidays, many of us are re-evaluating how we spend our money, and how we prioritize our time. Most of us take comfort knowing that the children we, or our friends, have sponsored are continuing to receive care -- which