Travel from Lima to Chiclayo

On our bus ride from the Sisters' in Lima to the airport, we passed by these homes. Maria, our tour guide (who lives 6 mos in Peru and 6 mos in Ottawa) explained that although these people are poor, they are not the poorest - outside of the city the homes are not this nice...

Everyone is so welcoming here - hugging, smiling with their eyes and their hearts - and FEEDING you! Each time we eat, we wonder if it could possibly be time to eat again. Part of it may be the heat - takes away your apetite? Before we left Lima yesterday we ate at this beautiful restaurant that is run by Camelite sisters. Their work is the service they provide through their restaurant. Also, the money they earn is used to help the poor. One way they do this is through a daily ministry; every day at dinner time they serve those who come from the streets. Their food was delicious (papaya juice was my a smoothie), and their service very sweet.


  1. When I see these colorful homes hugging the mountain for dear life, I am reminded of..."De Colores" (Of Colors) De Colores the fields love to dress in all during the springtime. De Colores De Colores the birds have their clothing that comes every season.

    No matter what we face in life...a little color can go a long way..

    Colorful prayers for your mission this day!

  2. From the sounds of it, you are being welcomed in Peru with open arms... It is interesting to see people who have "less" but have so much love, positivity and food to share with guests ;) Enjoy the wonderful people as you journey around Peru.

  3. Is that a sea in the first picture? It's amazing how stacked the houses are on top of each other! I am almost afraid they are going to "fall in" to the water/desert! Praying for you and the mission:)


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