Aug 7

Welcome to Neema Clinic in Songea!

We meet our Tanzanian Partners and set up the Clinic.

After setting up, there is a lively celebration prepared for us at De Paul Secondary School, Msamala

Playing a game of soccer.....very little knowledge of Swahili or English required :)

Here they are wearing their Chalice t-shirts, the colour showing us which site they are from: ML, MS, or BL  (these are the first two letters of your sponsor child's Child Code)

And, of course, where there are Tanzanians, there will be dancing!

This is a traditional dance performed by men and it is when partners are chosen for marriage (now it is only performed by boys)


  1. Looks wonderful. Always so many big big smiles in these pictures. So much poverty, yet so much joy.
    Can't wait to see/hear more :)

  2. I'm at a loss for words! WOW!


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