"Asante, Asante Sana!"

This week an incredible team of Canadians and Tanzanians collaborated to support, serve and spread love in the Songea region of Southern Tanzania.

New mural in the reception area of St. Norbert's Clinic
As we drove down the bumpy red dirt road and pulled into the small but mighty community of Bombambili we were greeted in true Tanzania style - we ate, we danced and we sang.
Over the course of the week our team developed strong friendships and the deepest respect for our Tanzanian counterparts, who possess endless amounts of energy, exude positivity in the most challenging of situations and whose resilience and resourcefulness are remarkable.
Between the dancing and the singing and the painting of the clinic walls our team offered medical services to 725 community members; children, elderly and mothers.
The gratitude we were shown was overwhelming, children touched our heads and the elderly got down on the floor to show how much they appreciated our presence. The words "asante, asante sana" (thank you, thank you very much)  could be heard from the community hall to the water pump to the medical clinic. As I write this I find myself still singing the words, a tune that will be forever ingrained in my mind and my heart. 
When asked how it feels to have someone In Canada sponsor his education, a young man struggled to find the words and then replied "special". I think I can speak for everyone on the Canadian team when I say that we too feel special - special, blessed, fortunate and honored to have the privilege to be part of such a incredible experience.
Sometimes when words are had to find a simple smile says it all...



  1. Glad to see all is going very well! I was beginning to worry a little as I have a couple of really close friends there with you guys right now whom I haven't heard from since monday as I assume there isn't much in the form of communications. What a great experience!

  2. Also Glad to see all is going very well :)

  3. Hello Agatha, Uncle Virgil, Aunt Shirley and the Canadian Team! It's fun to read your posts. They are informative and enjoyable. Thank Goodness for your safe arrival! The mural looks bright and cheerful, as do the faces of the people in the photos. How are the basketball lessons coming along? (Agatha, without getting into gross details, Mari is starting labour.) Mom and Dad send their love to all, as do I. Enjoy the rest of your stay, send out a big hello to all the children and have a safe trip home. Taryn

  4. wishing I was with YOUUUUUUUUUuuu ... got goosebumps reading this ... recalling our time in Champerico .... be safe and God bless you all there!!!

  5. Hey Gie,
    It's your sisters here reading your team's mission. We're so glad that all of you arrived safely. The mural looks beautiful..he he he..Hope you enjoying your stay and looking forward to hear all your experinces when you come back.God bless you and all your teammates.

    your sisters.


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