Ukraine - Sponsorship Changes Lives

Before I came on this mission trip I had many questions. I had read that 92% of the money goes to the children, but was that true? Were the letters we receive from the children really their words or do adults write them? Are the children made to do these letters out of obligation or do they want to write them?

I am writing to tell you what I have seen and felt. The children truly receive what they need and more from the sponsorship money. This includes the basic needs of food, clothing, and school supplies (which they have already received for the next school year). Once a child is sponsored, the whole family is welcomed into the Chalice Family.  There are group activities for the children as well as adult education programs for guardians. The families work together to build community in their village and regional area. We saw how Chalice has provided new windows for homes and schools, playgrounds and music programs for children, and helped finance renovations in a children’s hospital wing and in a variety of schools.  The families suggest the needs and Chalice provides for them from the available donated funds.

The families and children want to know their sponsors. They wait for letters. For months, they had prepared for the visit of our mission team. When we arrived and gathered, families would call out names in the hopes that their sponsor was on the team.  They desire to know more about the families that support them and especially to thank them. Sponsorship saves and changes lives. We heard many testimonials about how their lives have changed. Children are learning trades and heading to college or university while adults are receiving skills to get a job. Families who have loved ones in the war against Russian domination in the East of Ukraine are being supported by their Chalice Family.

Sponsorship has changed my life.  I have always wanted a little girl so I chose to sponsor one. Since she is a chosen part of my family, I wanted to know her and I did through this journey. Words fail me as I describe how I was welcomed with open arms for hugs and kisses, mixed with many tears of happiness. I brought gifts from Canada and they shared gifts made especially for me. They have shared their daughter with me. My sponsor child is happy and so beautiful and I am so grateful to be a part of her life. The time I spent with them is imprinted in my heart forever. She is happy and healthy and that is the work of the Chalice Family. A few days after that visit, my child’s mother travelled by bus to bring me a beautiful gift. I am in awe of such blessings.

Sponsorship changes lives.


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