Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations! – Friday Oct 18, 2019

This morning we are on the road very early, heading to Ruaha National Park. It will take us at least 14 hours by bus to get there. Our hosts have prepared breakfast and lunch boxes that we will eat on the road. Everyone is pretty quiet. No doubt reflecting on the past 15 days. I, for one, am reminiscing about my own precious moments, but also thinking about the poverty and suffering I have witnessed. I pray for all the beautiful souls I have met.

The last few hours on the road are very bumpy. Someone says it is called a washboard road. Yes, I see what they mean! 

At Tandala Tented Camps we are greeted by the owners and two Maasai staff members. Strict rules are explained and we are told to go nowhere without a Maasai escort during the night and early morning! The Tandala camp is located just outside the un-fenced national park. All animals can be present here. In fact, from the open lounge we have a clear view of a large herd of elephants at the watering hole, just a few hundred feet away.

We eat outside by candlelight and then hurry off to bed. My tent is the closest to the watering hole where elephants gather. I am told to expect a noisy night. In the morning I can see that an elephant wandered right beside my tent as I slept!