Foto? Foto!

It is really fun having a camera here - almost everyone loves to have their photo taken - and then to see it on the screen :) I only recently trasitioned from my old film camera to a digital one, and it has brought so much joy to my new friends, I am so happy I did!

These girls saw me taking photos of the other children and asked me to take their photo too - check out their posing! It made me laugh to see them, presenting themselves to whoever they imagined my camera's photos would reach :)

Shortly after (as I'd already been taking portraits of quite a few little ones), this sweet lady on the left asked me shyly if I would take her photo too! Her friends where on the side, watching her - to see what I would say. Again, I was laughing with them, and asked them to come over - this lady on the right was brave enough to join her.


  1. In all these beautiful pictures I see and hear this message:
    "we are here and we have the Pearl; will you invest in the field? and then together we will discover the spot where it is buried!"

    ...and so I will pray that this message will be heard by all and answered by as many that have ears to hear!!! <><


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