We visited our Canete site today - only one day here, but it was a full and beautiful one. We visited one of our subsites in Canete, the Orphanage of Ste Ann (for girls). It is run by the same sisters that are hosting us in Lima at the retreat centre. I don't know what I was expecting exactly, but I was surprised to see it, a beautiful haven from the poverty - which you can see right outside the window.

Below is the courtyard of the orphanage. The classrooms are what you see behind the children, who are welcoming us with their homemade Canadian flags. Some of them are really cute - the maple leaves look almost like palm trees :) Behind me as I took the photo were the rooms where they sleep - there are about 8 girls to a room. We had more celebrations and time to play with the children, and dance of course! I even got to play a little game of charades with a small group who were waiting to start the art class with Holly - we really had fun! I've even learned a few words, so didn't need the helo of our interpreter, Karla, to know if they guessed all the answers correctly :)


  1. So much Joy!!!
    A testimony of God's love in one smile!!!

  2. I really like the "Les Chicos de Canete" photo!!
    and these ones, of course!
    and seeing your face!!!
    haha I miss you!!

    I love the comments and the pictures and reading about the things you are seeing and people you are meeting, you give such a good picture of it :)

    xoxoxoxo Love Lu

    ps. the cat decided she doesn't actually like the cat food i just bought for her in bulk, so I had to go out and splurge on Fancy Feast. heh heh . i dunno why thats important...
    also, it was beautiful sunny today here in Halifax, but it is still pretty chilly (ya, freezing actually)... and yesterday we were beset with crazy snow flurries a few times.
    And. the presentation went well. Can we have a big Mussel Feast when you get home???? hahaaha.


  3. MUSSEL FEAST!!!! :D
    also, we need to have a PERUVIAN feast when I get home - I am collecting little things to make us a lovely dinner presentation, and even have a video of how to make one of the appetizer dishes :D xoxo LOVE YOU!

    ps- sent post cards today; had to guess addresses with the help of google maps and canada post, no apt numbers of course...heh heh

    Te quiero! xoxo Joanne


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