Visiting Fernando and Jenny!

Today I also got to visit my family's sponsor child, Fernando, and his 'madre' Jenny. We greeted each other with Ola's and kisses - and a little uncertainty, as none of us knew exactly how to 'be' in this moment. But we soon settled in (easier to do in a culture where you begin meeting with a kiss!).

A cab picked us up from the orphanage and drove us to their home - it was a full ride: 11 of us in the car! This included Fr. Duncan (who was visiting his parish's sponsor child), two interpreters (one for each of us), Jenny and Fernando, 3 other girls I who were along for the ride (and on the way back asked if I would speak French for them, parce que je viends de Canada!), a lady involved in the site (forgive me, I forget her name - so many names!) and the driver besides. It was a short ride (maybe 10 minutes? I was having too much fun to pay attention to the time), and then we were dropped off at Jenny and Fernando's house.

There was a small shop at the opening of the house (noted because there was a glass case with some things for sale), with room for us to sit and talk. But before this, I was given a tour of the rest of the house. The roof was made of thin and skinny pieces of wood (it was certainly not water proof), and the walls made of black, heavy duty tarp. The floor is well worn dirt. Behind the sitting room is a room with two beds (for Jenny and Fernando) - simple, but there are two colourful blankets hanging on the walls. After this is the bathroom and a small laundry area (Jenny operates a small landry service for people in her neighbourhood), then a small kitchen. Very simple, all separated by blankets or sheets. Then there is their backyard, where they hang the laundry to dry, and keep ducks for eating. Again, all dirt ground and rocks, with a slope up to where the ducks are fenced in.

I share this simply to give a little perspective to all the beautiful things I have been sharing with you so far. There is so much beauty in the hearts of everyone we meet, it is easy to forget the reality of everyday life. That being said, we still had a lot of fun - we shared treats, and even taught Fernando how to use my camera to take a photo of Jenny, Ricardo (our interpreter) and I :) A truly blessed visit. Deo gratias!


  1. wow wow wow!!! So nice to meet you Jenny!! and our little brother Fernando!!!
    My heart is filled with gratitude for this lovely connection to persons whom God has allowed me to connect with on the other side of the world!
    Love and peace always and I pray maybe someday I will also be able to give you both a hug....til then, I hug you in my prayers!!Joanne I am so grateful!!!!♥♥♥

  2. Wow! What a special day....thank you so much for sharing this heartfelt connection with us!!!! Loving your light all the way from Peru - keep her shining! Heidi

  3. He is so sweet! I hope you sang him a little diddy from "Fernando" by ABBA.


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