Today's Projects

Agenda for Wednesday included:
- Visiting nutrition programmes, cooking alongside the mothers of our sponsored children
- Dental services
- Physiotherapy services
- Visit to the classrooms of local schools (public and private)
- Painting the houses of two sponsor families
- Playing soccer with the children
- Craft workshops with mothers of the children

AND Art Workshops with Holly Carr ( In the morning Holly put on a workshop with the teachers, and in the afternoon a workshop for the children. As the children told her a story, she depicted it by painting on silk - and then the children painted in all the colours!


  1. WOW! - Great photos! I hope your wish of being part of a mission trip is coming true! From the looks of it, it is! I'm sure all of the teachers and students let their creatives sides shine through... Enjoy the rest of your busy, yet rewarding schedule! cheers from Nova Scotia.

  2. JOJO! Look at you blogging every day! I'm so proud of you! Looks like you are having a great time!

    I have been feeding the fish every morning. They miss you and want to know if you can bring them some extra delicious fish flakes from Peru.

    Nicole says hello. She is going to water the plants as I type this message...

    We have been keeping the house tidy and taking out the garbage and recycling.

    I hope you don't mind - I was slicing raw chicken on your desk this evening (just kiddding!).

    We are praying for you!

    With love,
    Your roommate.

  3. That tent is so cool!!

    I made the first picture my desktop. :)

    Love you bu.
    Looks like the prayers we are sending are being fulfilled!! :D


    ps, you should post some photos of the food! haha

  4. I read the the people of Chicalyo are the friendliest in Peru. Would you say this?
    Photos look amazing! What do most of the people you see eat?

  5. Ola amigos!

    Thank you for your greetings *mucho gratias!* I keep saying "no hablo espagnol", but I am learning little bits here and there :) Everyone is so willing to teach you new words and phrases, if you are brave enough to try :)

    I have not stayed anywhere yet in Peru aside from the convent in Lima (where they were very welcoming indeed!) and here in Chiclayo -- but I would have to say that these are by *FAR* the friendliest people I have _ever_ met. EVERYone kisses you - I have not had so many kisses in all my life - and from people I've only just met. My heart really feels so full of love, it's the most wonderful feeling!

    Speaking of our fish, Mar, I had fish for lunch yesterday -- it was a little different, I must admit (and the first thing I've tasted that I didn't like right off). It was not cooked over a flame, but kind of 'pickled' in lime juice and other things - served with this root veg that looks like a potato but has a different texture. We drank it with a barley drink - they boil a lot of things in water here, then cool and serve them. Very healthy, and also takes care of the diarrhea-causing elements in the water ;)

    We are about to have lunch, so I will say: arrivederci! (spelling??)

  6. Joanne,

    from a fellow photographer,

    This post makes me so happy. Just look at those colors!


  7. great photos, great words, hig hugs...many prayers coming at you and all!!!♥ ps a roof that promises to never forget us!!!a rainbow of hope!!

  8. Hi are a born blogger!!! Thanks for all the updates, a truly awesome mission trip. How come you don't have pictures of Sehne? Just kidding. Is he having as much fun as you?
    Prayers continue for your safety. I am sure you haven't thought of work. That is good and I don't want to remind you of it...hahahaha..I just did.
    Take care and continue to have fun. Abrazos!

  9. The days are flying by and I am already sad thinking that you will only be there 1 more week with all these beautiful people!!!

    ...all my love and prayers for everyone♥
    By the way, it's freezing here tonight! Just a little reality check :P


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