...and Sunday in Yapacani, Bolivia!

Now, finally what I've been wanting to show you since I started blogging over 3 hours ago (we are so spoiled with our fast internet at home).

I could attempt to tell you about today, but really, my heart cannot contain it - let alone my brain explain it, so I'll just introduce you to some of God's gifts shared with me today....

Fr. Arturo is welcoming "The Canadians from Chalice" en espanol, and Marcos is translating.  Padre Arturo is a Salesian priest, and is the director for this sponsor site, whose patron is Saint Don Bosco.  Behind and to the left of Padre Arturo you can see his partner in crime, Sor Geraldina, dressed in white.  These two exude love wherever I have seen them - truly God's love in action!  Also guilty of this crime is Marcos who is a volunteer with the Saletians, and who radiates God's love to His little ones through a smile that I swear never leaves his face!  He warned me before coming that we may not want to leave...he's been here for a year and a half already...

And with a face like this around, who could blame him??  During our celebrations, this chico was making his own fun -- filling his balloon with air then slowly letting it release as he moved it over his face like a fan.  He then proceeded to show an amigo his new invention... I found out later from the students in our English Class (one of the service projects requested by the site for our time here) that during Carnival (before Lent) everyone carries water balloons around in their pockets so they are prepared for a water fight at all times.  And sure enough, we've already been hit with a few!

A celebration of colourful dances and music welcomed us. This chica is waiting for her group's turn to dance....

Here is her dance team, in front of the soccer net.....the celebrations were held in the sports complex - an open air, but covered, sporting area.  A Chalice community project provided the bleachers you see here in the background.  This area is used often by the community, there is a good playground on the side as well, and you can find children spending their free time here - just chillin' around the Parish.....I found myself wishing my own parish at home offered this to our children and youth.  At one point later in the day I could hear the theme song from the Pink Panther blasting as the kids played around here  :)

Here are a few of the dancers dressed up with balloons and ribbons....we've even seen motorbikes decorated in this way  :)

And here are some gentlemen watching.....their expressions are priceless....

And finally, here is the Don Bosco Church and Sports Complex:

Now it's time for breakfast...so that's all for now :)


  1. Dear Joanne,
    First of all, thanks for keeping us all posted with your experiences of this trip. I am enjoying it, truly enough, as you said, we are spoiled with fast speed internet - thanks for your perseverance in posting this though :)

    It is great to read some spanish words into your blog, hehe - it seems like we are progressing! Kuddos to Marcos! haha

    What a wonderful job they might be doing there, I only can imagine it...! You and your team are so fortunate to witness it :)

    I truly admire how God works on you making you a channel calling our attention towards simple small things / aspects we tend to take for granted in our lives and acknowledging them as God's gifts!

    God really loves you and allow your words to get into ourselves, transmitting that joy that you feel deep in your heart. What an amazing grace!

    Anyways, this is hard to describe in words, so I am very, very happy that you are there and I hope the tecnology let you keep us updated :)

    PS. Any soup to keep you warm?
    PS2. In Venezuela, kids also play with ballons full of water during carnival (as long as they are full of water, no problem)...!

    1. Fanny!
      So great to hear from you! YES! there are lots of water balloons being thrown around here too - it's like one big water balloon fight and the whole community has their pockets stocked with balloons - especially the students in my English class! They also told me, in English of course, that "During carnival we spray water" (seriously, kids just walk around all day armed with water guns!), and this became a base for several other endings: we eat a lot", dance, sing, and drink a lot too.
      Also, I had arepas!!! :D totally different than the Venezuelan ones, but delicious!
      Okay, that's all for now.
      xo sending love from Bolivia!


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