Lunchtime - again!

There must be an equivalence between gratitude in one's heart and a desire to prepare food  :)

These ladies (and many others!) prepared food for us every few hours it seemed.  We had breakfast where we stayed, but this was soon followed by a mid-morning snack, then lunch (held at a senior's home, pictured here), then a mid-afternoon snack, and finally back to our accommodations for dinner.

The snacks were really more like lunches - traditional and delicious and often served with freshly made juice - and always an abundance of fruit! 

Lunch was more like dinner at home - always soup, main course (with several choices of sides as you can see) and then dessert.  Going back to my packed lunches at work is going to be hard...hehe

These ladies were so kind, and a ton of fun.  Like just about everyone else I met, they loved having their pictures taken - and being silly :)

Here you can see a more complete group of these fantastic women and a few of the tour participants.  It was really a joy to spend time together each day.