Visit to CEDINC Boarding Home

On Thursday...

[Yes, this is a post RE: Thursday, February 23. I am very sorry for the lack of posting during our Tour. Our schedules were packed, but the real issue wasn't the lack of time, it was lack of good internet.... So now that I'm home in Canada, I am free to post to my heart's content!]

I met my roommate's sponsor child, Maria Esther!

...along with a whole crew of students who stay at the CEDINC boarding home outside of Yapacani, Bolivia. The students here have families and homes. But their homes are too far from schools with higher levels of education, so they have two options: (1) quit school and begin work from home; and (2) move away from home, closer to the schools, and fend for themselves (which can lead to use of drugs/alcohol & prostitution). The CEDINC provides a safe home close to school for students, which is literally life-changing for Maria Esther :)

Yvonne, one of our Tour participants, also got to meet her sponsor child, Evelin, who lives here too.

This photo was taken inside a gathering place at CEDINC. Can you see the roof at the top here? This is the roof that was recently repaired as part of our Housing Project for this Solidarity Tour. Although we've only raised 1/3 of our total funds, because we committed to our goal of $15,000 the funds have already been forwarded by Chalice and the repairs are either complete (as in this case) or underway. Please consider making a contribution by visiting

Of course, as with all our visits, we were greeted with dancing...

And while visiting the home, Yvonne planned to celebrate Evelin's birthday with cake...mmm... turned out to be Maria Esther's birthday soon so we celebrated her too!

We sang ¡Feliz CumpleaƱos! (Happy Birthday!), which was followed by the girls each taking a bite out of the cake - no forks allowed! Afterwards, the girls stood in the middle and were greeted with a kiss from every person who was there. Talk about a lot of love!

While we were here, another Tour participant, Willi, got to meet her newly sponsored friend, Roberto.

And lastly, I can't resist putting this last photo in. Roberto's friend covered his face every time I picked up my camera. It was hilarious! I just couldn't seem to get a good photo of him...that is, at least, until I got a helping hand ;)

Too much fun!