The Build Site & Nutrition Centre (May 27 & 28)

We have heard in John’s Gospel, “Love one another as I have loved you.” One way to live agape (unconditional love) is through the virtue of solidarity. Solidarity calls us to “an active commitment to our neighbor and demands of us a shared responsibility for all of humanity. This duty is not limited to one’s own family, nation or state, but extends progressively to all…so no one can consider himself or herself extraneous or indifferent to the lot of another member of the human family.” John Paul II

6 Days into our Journey and where do where do I begin?  I have seen on TV and in pictures such areas of the world but to experience it and see it first hand is truly an experience that will change who I am as a person.  Each evening we gather to share our day and we are to reflect  on where we saw God or perhaps where we saw the absence of God.  God is here and very much in the work that Chalice, the Sisters and the support staff and all are involved with. 

On Monday morning a group of us headed out to the work site where we worked alongside the people in the building of the Kitchen and Dining Hall at the Luis Amigo site. It was hot and muggy and we were given the job of hauling rock and sand inside the building with buckets and two wheelbarrows.  Meanwhile, the local workers were starting to install the roof.  My shirt was stuck to my back and as the energy I had at the beginning was starting to wane, Joanne announced in her cheerful voice, “Hey guess what, we’ve been working for ½ an hour.” Just before noon the children started to arrive as the mothers had prepared their lunch over the open fire.  They came with their cups and bowls and were served their lunch after they had washed their hands. Needless to say by noon we had achieved a lot and headed back to the Hotel for a delicious lunch prepared by Carlos and his assistants.  By the time we got back to the work site, the roof was on and it was time to level and stamp the base which will eventually be the floor.  We used hoes, boards and tramped with our feet to stamp the ground. Way to go team! 

The next day it was pouring rain and so we were all off to the Nutrition Centre where they were handing out the hampers prepared the day before. Each of the families in the program receives a hamper once a month with staples to assist them with their daily needs.  Upstairs in the Centre some of the team members were sorting through the donated items from the suitcases collected.  Already there were children waiting for clothing and supplies.  Currently at the Centre there are 24 children staying there, and with the love and support of the Sisters and workers they are regaining their strength and once they are healthy enough and their parent(s) are prepared then they will go home.   I spent time in the playroom with the little ones and soon it was time to feed them lunch.  We lined up the highchairs and began feeding; we were all busy trying to keep up. It was then nap time so they were all changed into clean clothes and off for their afternoon nap.

In the afternoon I was fortunate enough to go back to the Luis Amigo site where I was able to meet 2 sponsor children. The children were excited to meet us as I was them and to be able to meet their families and see where they lived.   Words cannot describe the emotions I felt; there were tears and smiles and such gratitude from the families for the sponsorship and knowing that someone cares.

I have met many wonderful people on this trip and am humbled by the work they are doing here to improve the lives of so many.  Our team is a very diverse group from all over Canada and it is such an honour to be working alongside such caring people.  + Blessings from Champerico.

Sharon Moser, Killam, AB
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View from our hotel room in Champerico
Build Site of the new Nutrition Centre in Andres Giron.

The Nutrition Centre is currently located outdoors
Kids playing at the build site