At the boarding gate! (*all* of us!)

The final 5 from Halifax have all been loaded on to flights from Halifax to La Paz, Bolivia.  Praise God!  And many thanks to the United Airlines Rep in Halifax who graciously offered to help us - he wasn't even responsible for us (as US Airways passengers), but went the extra mile to find a routing that would work, and got the US Airways Reps to help us ahead of schedule (they were on their break).  And thanks is even due to Air Canada - the flight we booked doesn't seem to have existed yesterday - so I'm thankful to AC for putting on an extra flight to clean up the mess of passengers from yesterday's storm.  *Feeling mighty grateful* ....and excited to arrive in Bolivia!


  1. We two (Rosaline and Joanne) made it to Philadelphia. The other three (Douglas, Fr. Duncan and Anna) are currently stopped over in Toronto... we'll all meet up again in Miami!

  2. Yes prayers were certainly answered!!!


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