Carpe Diem every day! – Tuesday Oct 15, 2019

Treasure the wisdom of old age. Learn from elder people and be wise. ~ unknown
Today, we are at the Kinosa Katoliki in Songea. We will be meeting with elders and doing various activities with them. I am moved by the glimmer in their eyes, the loving handshakes and embraces, as though we were their own relatives coming to pay them a visit. 

They participate in the activities with much enthusiasm.  I join a group that will enjoy a presentation of traditional cooking. As they prepare the food on their outdoor cooking stations, they sing and dance. They are so happy to share their knowledge with us.

Another group focuses on exercises done with rubber bands. The elders seem to have a wonderful time, as do each of us who give individual assistance where it is needed. This turns out to be a very amusing and beneficial session.

We meet two gentlemen who have such a positive outlook regardless of their physical disability. Unable to walk, they must move around on their knees, making use of a leather protector. These men repair shoes. We take up a collection to try to purchase specially made bicycles for them.

Meanwhile 3 circle groups waited patiently for us at the orphanage, eager to show us their trades. These groups launched into business in order to have and grow savings that can then be used to expand their business, help circle member families who go through a difficult time and even divide up to give each member’s family a small boost in income. One group made soap, one started farming fish and one weaved baskets and various containers.


  1. Wow... amazing . Gives me a whole new perspective on life


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