Good to see you again – Wednesday Oct 16, 2019

Today many of Chalice's field workers from across Tanzania gather at St. Norbert parish. 

They recognize our Canadian team and approach to say hello. I recognize the gardener from Father Cino's house, and the field worker from the first site where we presented Days for Girls (reusable feminine hygiene kits). She said she missed me, that touched my heart.

We formed many small groups of 3 Canadians and 4 Tanzanians and we shared ideas, concerns and we especially wanted to affirm them in their efforts and work.

Most of us then went to the market with a local priest who is one shrewd bargaining partner. Many bought material and then proceeded to the section of sandals and belts made by the Maasai herdsmen. Talk about shopping local! 

While most were at the market, others remained with the field workers to participate in the day's training.  For example, one of our team members who works in radio facilitated a workshop on report writing.

In the afternoon some went to harvest the onion crop while 7 of us stayed to facilitate more sessions with the assembled field workers - including photography (for reports as well as sponsored children/elders' photos), dementia, HIV transmission, and the exercises we had done with the seniors the day before. 

May we meet again.