Hablo ingles?

From Monday to Thursday, we signed up for service projects.  The options were: construction of one of the homes (supported by our Housing Project), crocheting mats and handbags from plastic bags, sports workshops, visiting families, and teaching English.

I signed up for a variety, so that I could tell you about them here.....but after one day in the English class, I was hooked.  It was such a JOY to spend time with these students....and once I got to know them, I just didn't want to leave!

We had a mix of ages and English levels, but all the students were eager to learn, so we had a lot of fun.  Here's one of our teachers, Cassie :)  You can see some of the words we learned on the board.  It was actually a great opportunity to expand our Spanish vocabulary, and the students had fun teaching us new things too.

These three in the foreground were in my group :D ahhhh I loved their smiles and miss them already!  Here we're having fun learning numbers with a game of Bingo.  We played a little Pictionary and Charades too.....I was pretty much in teaching heaven....  :D

Hablo espanol?

This kid, Fran, was precious.  The first day I met him, he was snapping photos with a little digital camera during the welcoming ceremony - a real photographer, wandering all around the sports complex, capturing the dancers in full attire.  We compared photos, and he took a few with my camera too :)

He then seemed to show up everywhere.  He was often hanging around the Parish and his home was close to the senior's home where we had lunch each day.  He quickly became my Spanish tutor.  Pointing to his bicycle seat, I ask "Como se dice en espanol?"  He answers "asiento", repeats it a few times for me and then we proceeded to count, in Spanish, all the seats on the bus, in the truck, set up for our lunch, ...and on and on.  I can still see his curious smile and eyes :D  I motioned, jokingly, to hop on his bike -- he jumped at the opportunity and adjusted the seat for me!  Next thing I know it, we're laughing about how ridiculous I look on his little bike.  TOO MUCH.  I cannot contain it.....thank you, Jesus.


  1. This is awesome. I love you Joanne and your huge heart for all the people there. I can just see you and your little friend laughing hysterically on the bike.

  2. Now where's the photo of YOU on Fran's bike??!! Thanks for sharing this JOY! I needed it this morning. :)


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