Soup Kitchen for Seniors

On Wednesday...

We had lunch at a soup kitchen that is also run by the Salesians.  We were a little late (as usual...hehe) coming from the Kindergarden, and so when we arrived there were already a lot of folks sitting down, enjoying a meal together.  It was such an inviting place to be....a real sense of "community".  

I didn't get a shot of the room as a whole, but here you can see Padre Arturo speaking with this gentleman.  The young boy with him had such smiley eyes...this photo doesn't do him justice :)

This gentleman stood up from the group to welcome us, and to thank us - and all of the Chalice family.  What stuck with me most was how he thanked us on behalf of all of his "hermanos" (brothers) who were really is a treasure of a community for these folks to gather here, as family, and share a meal together.

Again, one of the ladies who was always with us at mealtimes - she was enjoying herself SO much :D 

And there were kids around too, who of course found Marcos straight away.  You'll note he's sporting our Chalice attire ;)

And, finally, this sweet lady was helping with the food prep/serving.  Check out her funky hat!  You'd never know it was over 30 degrees Celsius, the way these folks dress.....


  1. Good job Jo and hats-off to you and your team. Your stories and experiences there are very touching and so encouraging - thanks for sharing. These help us understand just how many talents and simple ways we can participate in the Gospel of the Christ througout the world. We continue to keep you and everyone with you in our prayers, escpecially during this Lenten time of sacrifice and humility of self. May God give you all the strength and good health to carry on this proclamation during your tenure in Bolivia.

    Yours in Christ - Anthony Hlahatsi

    1. Thank you for your kindness, Anthony. I am so happy you were able to "come" with us on our journey :) Stay tuned... as I sort through photos/videos, I'll be sharing more.
      Hugs for you and your family!


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