Chalice Volunteers soon headed to Ukraine!

A week from Sunday, our team of 19 will arrive in Lviv and our mission will officially begin.  But, really, our mission began many weeks ago.  We've been preparing with the usual things on any international travel checklist (passport, medical prep, packing culturally appropriate clothes, getting the house/work ready for our absence, reading up about our destination, even practicing some Ukrainian!), but we've *also* been working hard to meet our mission objectives:
  • Increase awareness about the difference sponsorship makes and commit as a group to inspire sponsors for 50 children in need
  • Collectively raise $20,000 to support the communities visited (medical equipment, addictions support, and first aid)
  • Pack donations in our suitcases
Once we hit the ground June 12, we'll turn our attention to the other objectives:
  • Learn about the works of compassion at the Pochaiv and Ternopil Sponsor Sites
  • Get to know our Ukrainian friends and colleagues
  • Facilitate training in Addictions Support and First Aid
  • Serve at schools in rural communities, helping to prepare them for the coming academic year
We'll update our blog regularly so you can see what we're up to!  Looking forward to sharing with you...  :)