Hello from the air over Iceland

We are approaching daylight over the prime meridian. Each one is asleep, trying to sleep, or given up on sleep. The group had a quick meet at the airport in Toronto and then scattered to seats all over the plane. There will be one other to meet in Warsaw. And then we are off to L'viv, Ukraine.

I have wanted to make this journey for many years as I have watched a little boy of four grow up to be a young man. Then I chose to sponsor a little girl who is now reaching her preteen years. Indeed many of the travelers have great anticipation in meeting the families of "their kids"!

Of course, the team leaders have work plans for us. It is what makes a "service" trip a worthwhile event.  More to come in the days ahead. Theresa v. K.

Waiting to board the last segment of our flight from Warsaw to Lviv. We've since found Harry, and 5 more of our Canadian team await us in Lviv - not to mention all those from our Ukrainian team - here we come!