Friday, June 17


Today we were instructed on how to make perogies. The ladies in the kitchen made the dough, rolled it out, and then punched out circles. A team of Canadians and translators then added the mixture of mashed potato, sauerkraut, and carrot, folded them into a crescent shape, and pressed the ends together. We were warned that they would "explode" in the pot if not secure and that would be upsetting to the cooks. We didn't hear if that happened. Afterward they were prepared for our lunch and served with sour cream.

The gym was a happening place for the young people to play indoor soccer. Matt and Michael and a mixed age group of children, both boys and girls. While they played we were able to clean up our workspace.


Saying Thank You

Then we prepared for the presentation of certificates for the HEAL program and the First Aid course. We set out the thank you gifts for the team from Ukraine. Both flags were on display to show the unity between the countries. Before all that we heard from an opera singer who had sung for St John Paul II, two famous musical singers, and a children's choir and dance group, all from the area. Then It was heart warming to see the visible appreciation of the students in the courses.  Three HEAL trainees have indicated that they will begin AA meetings in their communities. The  First Aid trainees were each given kits. After that emotional event, we gave out the thank you cards, Matt had prepared, to each of the Chalice staff, translators, school staff, and community volunteers. The group just dispersed and chilled out until supper while there were 2 home visits. When supper was ready, the rest went to eat. They were joined later by the others.