Welcome to Berezhany

21 June, 2016

Today work begins in the boarding school in the small town of Berezhany, and the mission team is greeted with great enthusiasm, as has been the case in all towns and villages visited thus far. 
Once again, the team quickly breaks up into three groups to deliver addiction support training, first aid training, and to perform renovations in the school, which include grounds keeping, window washing and the painting of radiators.  After a full day’s work, the team travels to the local cultural centre, where libraries and classrooms are visited.  A consistent theme encountered repeatedly throughout our mission has been the emphasis on quality education for sponsored children and their communities.  It is very clear that the Chalice staff here in the Ternopil site region as well as in the Pochaiv site region regard education as an essential and indispensable tool in helping children and families break the cycle of poverty.  Judging by the successes and achievements of “graduates” of the sponsorship program, this strategy is indeed working effectively.