Hakuna Matata…Go with the flow - Friday October 4, 2019

After one and a half days in the chair position, voila, we are in Tanzania and we bring a tremendous blessing… RAIN!!
               Our day begins at Ununio parish. We are greeted by young women in gowns throwing petals on us. Kisses and hugs all around.  Our Mbinga Site Director, Fr. Cino’s crew has prepared a meal for us. We tour the kindergarten class who sing for us; we pray a blessing for them. Then a young women and one man also known as St. Vincent de Paul tailor class, show us their sewing room and explain their projects to us. They introduce their teacher, Alphonse, and director Fr. Matthew. Most of us order a dress, a Tanzanian gown, tailor made especially for each of us to be picked up in two weeks.
               We walk with Father Matthew to visit some families in the fishing village and take the opportunity to visit the Indian Ocean.
               Back on the road and by evening we are at Morogoro for supper, and a very welcomed sleep to the sound of rain.