Quilting - Sunday Oct 13, 2019

Tailoring is a skill the girls at the Neema orphanage learn as part of their living skills so we were pleasantly surprised when the three girls that were chosen to learn quilting had previous experience threading needles and making knots! Their patience and eagerness to learn and produce a finished piece was wonderful to witness and truly inspiring. Emma, a strong willed and quick worker, smiled continuously as she rushed to complete her piece, eagerly choosing fabrics and design. Emma is the sponsored child of Karen, who was unable to come on the mission at the last minute so we made sure to take lots of pictures of Emma’s efforts and smiles! When I asked her if she’d like to quilt a heart in one of her squares, she looked puzzled. I drew a heart on the table with my finger and recognition dawned on her face. “Ahh, I love you!” She said. I smiled and replied, “Yes, I love you. Would you like to put one on your quilt?” She grabbed her needle and said, “Yes! I want to put I love you for my sponsor!” Gratitude comes so easily for these orphaned children. Again we were humbled! The girls persevered and finally put in their last stitches as dusk fell and we finished by the flashlights on our phones!
Cathy Radul