As I have done to you, so you are to do – Monday Oct 14, 2019

We are back at the Neema Orphanage!  No school today – it’s a holiday there also, celebrating the first President, Julius Nyerere.  It is a terrific party with the girls from the orphanage, the Chalice sponsored children and seniors, and parents.  Traditional dancing, singing, and even a drama play.  The girls prepare some dance routines with Indian music because the Sisters are from India.  It is interesting that the girls add African rhythm to music from India.  The drama theme is about parents who want to marry their young children, but the children refuse.  They prefer education.  The young girl wants to become a religious like Sister Mary Grace.  On the way to their house, the parents are arrested by the police. There were speeches by the children which were touching, and highlighted how students with different abilities are supported to succeed. 

Then the procession of gifts!  Pigeons, rabbits, baskets that seniors had made from bamboo – large ones and small ones, even a three-tiered one.  Large wooden cooking spoon common in all kitchens, squash, and eggs.  Now Andy received a crown as the chief made of bark with four feathers.  It is so humbling to receive all that.  After lunch, we play, do crafts, paint ABCs in the kindergarten room, wash the feet of seniors, and massage them.  One elder said, why doesn’t the church teach this?  We said, surely Jesus does!  But he meant, his local church.