A Brighter Day

We watched the children as they planted in the garden at the Open Centre. One child decided he would like to have a garden at home. A true blessing inspired by Kent and Vivian.

This is the welcome sign at the Open Centre which provides before and after school programs, meals, and cleaned clothes for school. The iron is used every day by one of the staff to tidy the clothes. Then the kids shower, put on the pressed uniforms, and are ready to blend in at school.
Daisy the kitchen staff laughs at Roddie's antics as they prepare to make pizza one day and cinnamon buns the next. He of course responds equally well.  The translator, Jose, laughs at the whole scene.
Hygiene is a key focus for the staff on behalf of the children. One of the children demonstrates how to wash hands properly. The main challenge is to prevent the spread of bacteria that causes ill health.

We have been so graciously welcomed everywhere by the communities, Family Circles, and the children.
Sojin, Chalice Canada staff, meets the child her parents, in Korea, decided to sponsor. She had gifts for the girl that reflected her own heritage.
The Mission group meets within the Family Circle to hear their stories of strength and deliverance in the Word and each other. They accept the help to advance the lives of their children.
Hasmukh and a child fly the kites! What a blast for both of them!

Roddie meets a child he is sponsoring. Then they gathered for a family photo. Each day the Mission Group has the experience of responding to the reward of meeting a family who has been sponsored.

 Flowers grow in the garden of the Office. They  chose plants over animals : ))

The Grotto, showing reverence to Mary. Some people show respect here, it they are unable to get transport to the church for services.

Sor Graciela, the voice and site director of Villeta. She speaks mighty and fast, with great compassion and kindness. What a great leader for her staff and her guests!