Today was a busy, busy, Friday!

Today our group split up.  One group stayed in Villeta and worked at the Open Centre and the Site Office.  The other group headed off by bus to the Don Bosco Site, and a number of home visits.  They were there for the entire day. 
Here are photos of their day:

One family had prepared a snack for the group.

This woman was thrilled with her quilt!

The Don Bosco site office.

During the day there was a downpour of rain.  After that there was a power outage. So some visits needed some help with the light.

"Thank you, God-parents" (sponsors) was a sentiment which echoed and re-echoed throughout all the visits.

Those of us who stayed back at the Open Centre and CMAVIL Site Office spent our time continuing with fix-it jobs, working with the children, and making cinnamon buns.
All the donations were brought over to the Site Office. (These are just some of them!)

Hasmukh made kites for our next group visit.

Elaine was kept busy scraping a board in preparation for painting.

Monika worked on scraping the second board.

Roddie and the cook had fun making cinnamon buns.

A group of seven students enjoyed learning a bit about using "Word."

Finally - one window is installed.

For a birthday celebration we had a "pasta flora" - a traditional Paraguayan cake made with Guava.