Guide us along the way...

One member of our team had two family visits today.  Each home was different. This family has property and a new brick home on its way to being finished. The family has to complete payment before they are given the key to the front door. While they earn and wait they live in a small "casita" with a covered kitchen and a sleeping area. 

These are the grandparents who are raising their daughter's children after she died of cancer. Both are sponsored.

In Canada, the family of Natalie MacMaster-Donnell will be receiving these gifts from their new sponsor child, Alvaro.
In a community of Indigenous families, a young mother gets water from the well. Three tribes live here on 15 acres. They were excluded from their previous location and have built homes and lived here for the past 6 years. The day after this one, 4 children from this community arrived at the Sponsor Site Office to ask if they could go to school. Sor Graciela prepared backpacks with school supplies for them. What a blessing!

The community well was dug by hand by the Indigenous people. It provides the water for all of their needs especially drinking and washing. Plans are underway for an artesian well to be dug in the future.
The well is solid brick and about 1.5 m wide.

Homes are typically built with mud (adobe) walls and a thatched roof (which is cool in the summer heat).  Here we saw these combined with other materials such as steel sheets, wood, plastic and cardboard.

Thecla is acting mama for this 2 month old bambina,
The OSMA mothers' group (Obra Social de Maria Auxiliadora, catering group trained by the Sponsor Site) who have keep us well fed with lunch and snacks each day prepared a typical Paraguayan picnic lunch for the Indigenous community and the mission group.
One of the community leaders treated us to music and song while playing his handmade guitar.
We presented the community with soccer balls, kites, and skipping ropes. Each visit on this tour has been unique in its special way. We have shared some wonderful experiences on this Solidarity Tour. Many people working, praying, and playing together has been inspirational. This is how we show others that Jesus lives while we live. Open our eyes Lord that we might see.