Already Our Second Last and Last Day!

Praying at the Grotto at CMAVIL Site
Our last two days have come much too soon.  On Monday, a small group travelled to the Dominica Site to visit a few more sponsored children.  The larger group stayed in Villeta and worked on finishing a variety of tasks. Tuesday was spent completing a few last minute tasks and saying good-bye.  We have all been touched by what we have done and seen, and by the people we have come to know on this journey.  It is our hope that you, who are journeying with us through this blog, have come to know a little bit about Chalice's CMAVIL Sponsor Site, and the people here in Paraguay.
Sojin entering the Dominica Site office.  The doorway is quite small!

At the site office we got to meet another dynamo and "kid magnet" - Sor Ursulina.  She came along on the visits. 

Here Javier is excited to see what his sponsor sent to him.  His family was eager to welcome us to their home.  They had decorated a small table and had set up chairs outside.  They had even raked the dirt to make it neat and tidy!
The families are often eager to share of the little they have.  Here Javier is giving a small bowl of fruit as a gift.  (Sorry, Lauren, we ate it all up!)
Here Blanca, who is a worker at the Dominica Site shows us the "children's soup kitchen" which was built with help from Chalice in 2012.  The women who work here say they feed around 200 children a day (in shifts).
Back in Villeta the other jobs were getting done.  The fence of the Open Centre was painted.
Windows were finished.  Electrical work was completed.  Everyone was kept busy.
The students at the Open Centre are able to take a shower at the Centre every day, and are sent off to school with clean and freshly pressed clothes.  Here Thecla lends a hand with ironing.
Just when you think you are finished, along comes another job that needs doing.  Here some members of our team are fastening the bookshelf to the wall, so it won't tip over.
The City of Villeta wanted to recognize the work which the sisters do, and our volunteer work, and they chose to do so by giving us "honorary citizenship to their city".  The members of city council seemed quite surprised that people from so far away would choose to spend their own time and money to help people in need in Paraguay.  They had a ceremony for us, and a reception.  The next day, people from the local government were at the Open Centre seeing what was done and what still needed doing.  We hope their interest and help will continue.
Bye bye, we love you!
Bye bye to you too!  We will miss you!